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Currency Switcher for WooCommerce allows your Visitors to select in which currency they would like to see your prices, as well as complete transactions in such currency. Once enabled, the Currency Switcher will allow you to configure a list of the currencies you would like to accept. Such currencies..
Alipay is the most popular payment gateway used in China. It has over 700 million users. With the help of this plugin, you can accept payments from residents and businesses inside Mainland China. It provides access to a massive potential customer base. You just need to enter your Alipay “P..
This is a Birthdays add-on for AutomateWoo. You need to have AutomateWoo installed in your website in order to use this add-on. Version: 1.2.0Sales Page..
Coupon Referral Program for WooCommerce allows eCommerce store owners to provide discount coupons to their customers. Both the referrer and referred customer get rewarded with discount coupons through this Coupon Referral Program plugin.Version: 1.6.5Sales Page..
Now users can pay via their credit cards using PayPal gateway. PayPal Pro can easily be integrated with your WooCommerce store and will handle all the credit card transactions on your website. The payment process is very sleek and users do not have to leave the store website. Version: 4.5.1Sales..
Now you can validate your customer’s shipping address with Postcode Address Validation extension. It checks your customers address in real time and also allow him to autocomplete the address, this saves the store admin from shipping the product to a wrong address. This will not only save your t..
Sensei Pro (WC Paid Courses)
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Sensei is one of the most complete LMS (Learning Management System) for Wordpress websites. It is fully compatible with Wordpress and has easy features for content creation like courses, lessons, quizzes, etc. Sensei can easily be used with any Wordpress theme if it follows the Wordpress themin..
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Teams for WooCommerce Memberships takes the memberships created by WooCommerce Memberships, and gives you the ability to sell them to teams, companies, groups, or families instead of individuals. This plugin requires WooCommerce Memberships (purchased separately).Version: 1.6.3Sales Page..
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A library of unique Elementor Widgets that add more functionality and flexibility to your favorite page builder. Power up your page builder using our easy-to-use & creative widget library. Make your next web design project look prettier than ever before with Unlimited Elements.VERSION: 1.5.40SAL..
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Accept payments in 196 countries using 26 currencies and 15 languages using 2Checkout Inline Checkout payment gateway in your WooCommerce website. You can securely accept payments without leaving your website. Please note that you need to have a 2Checkout account to use this plugin in..
Add 360º rotation to the product by adding few images to the product gallery. The rotation is touch enabled and works perfectly on mobile. The smooth rotation of images gives a feeling of real product to the customers. The plugin is highly customizable and is fully responsive. It also has support fo..
Account Funds is one of the most productive extensions available for an e-commerce website. It allows users deposit funds into their account which they can use for purchasing products and services later on. They also get some offers and discount while adding funds or making payment from their accoun..
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